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1. Go to WinWin web page >>Click<<

2. Register Winner VIP Select Not yet.

3. Fill out the details as follows.

1. ID
2. Password (Set a password of no more than 11 digits.)
3. Confirm Password (Set a password of no more than 11 digits.)
4. First Name
5. Last Name
6. ID number >>Click<<

7. Address residence
8. Postal Code
9. Phone Number (10 digits)
10. E-mail

4. Fill out the details complete "accept terms and conditions" and "press record" The system will bring up this page, press ok.

5. Login and go to Profile

6. Select Confirm Winner VIP and press the button. request id verification code (fill out the email used to register the ID and check the email messages.)

7. Check in your "Inbox", if you can't find it, check in "Spam". When you find the email, bring the 8 digit code. Go to fill in the web page and click Confirm Winer VIP.

**Check in your "Inbox" or "Spam"**

8. When finished, come back to the main page and go to Confirm Gameplay.

9. The system will notify that play game confirmation finished.

10. Let login to the Xshot game. to create a character (Caution : Don't change your password. before creating the character.)

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